Knowing an Original Cashmere Pashmina with These Tips

Cashmere is the greatest fabric that can glide over cuts on your skin and makes you feel luxurious!

One of the smoothest and warmest materials known to mankind, cashmere is both lavish and comfortable. And, en wrapping yourself in the warm hug of a velvety cashmere pashmina is the greatest feeling ever!

But, people often get confused while making the purchase a cashmere pashmina as there are various types of cashmere quality available in the market. So, here’s a comprehensive guide of how you can distinguish between a cashmere of high and low quality.

cashmere pashminas

Tips and tricks of buying a cashmere pashmina

Knitting of cashmere pashminas are crucial

It is said that the wool knits must be closer to each other. This ensures that the final cashmere product is tighter and firmer than the other wool used to make the same merchandise.

A tightly woven pashmina is always believed to have better quality than the rest, and thus, it lasts longer. Choosing cashmere that comes in a double-ply yarn is best as they are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. They also have lesser chances to get any holes.

With proper maintenance and care, people can also pass their precious cashmere pashmina to their children and to the generation that will come after that.

Looking for the product labels

Cashmere pashminas are among the most exquisite and expensive wardrobe accessories that you’ll buy. The price starts somewhere around 50$ and you’ll get them for more than $100 as well, depending on its material and from where you are buying. One can also buy them for $500 or $600 if the purchase is from a designer store.

But, if you can’t afford the designer pashminas that come in the most superior quality, make sure to buy one only after thoroughly checking the label. Thus, you can understand what you are buying is pure cashmere or it’s a blend-in material.

It’s not necessary that you need to buy a designer cashmere pashmina only. But, checking the label and knowing the brand of a cashmere pashmina well will give you confidence that you are buying a good-quality product.

Look out for pills and snags before buying

Pills are nothing but the fibres that ball up as a result of friction or wear. This indicates that the store is trying to sell you its last season stock. And, you definitely do not want to buy something that the store is trying to sell for so many months!

If you are willing to buy a cashmere pashmina, then you can get one either at numerous off-price shops or outlet stores. One can also avail huge discounts and gifts on purchasing the pashmina from a high-end retail shop during its season-ending sales. That way you’ll get this exquisite and gorgeous material pashmina at a comparatively affordable rate.

Additionally, it will be an investment which you can use and enjoy for a long time. So, be careful and keep all these pointers in mind while buying the cashmere pashmina.

After all, there’s no other greater wool in comparison to cashmere on Mother Earth!

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